wrath and cutting beauty

"There is no honor in assassin's work. Frankly, I tire of my father's manipulations. All I wish is peace for myself."

Talia al Ghul
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"It’s 300, 000. American. Per bullet."

"Oh, is that all?"

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"I love you, too," Talia replied in a warm, tender whisper. She brought her hand to cover his, a knowing smile curving her lips. They were a family now. Not simply husband and wife, but something changed. Something changing, knowing they had this.

Talia closed her eyes, a contentment rarely seen reading on her face and in her body language. 

He shared her contentment.  True, there were moments when his worries for the future became pressing, and Christopher wondered if he could possibly rise to the challenge of parenthood.  But then there were moments like this, when his entire being seemed to hum with a quiet, revelatory joy.  It felt as though nothing could possibly go wrong, that all the world and fate itself had aligned to provide him with this delightful perfection.

And Talia—Christopher had mastered the art and science of making her happy, determined to see her relaxed and content as often as possible.  He pursued that goal myriad ways, from little gifts tucked into her pockets to sweet words whispered in her ear to the focus of attention, and even to the small gestures that went back to their earliest friendship, like refilling her glass just before she would’ve gotten up to do so herself.  All of his devotion surely made her feel loved and appreciated, but the tiny heart beating within her womb brought Talia a fulfillment and joy that simply radiated from her like sunlight.

"If I’d known how happy this would make you, love, I would’ve told you to stop taking the birth control months ago," Christopher said, kissing her temple.

Talia snuggled close as she would do only to him, only to her beloved husband. Not so long ago, she could not have imagined such a fulfilling love. She had her son, of course, and Bruce, but even in her love they made her ache. Regrets and pain marred her always, a bitter trap.

"My darling husband, you have always made me so happy.” Talia replied with a lazy purr. “And you will continue to do so, I’m sure.”

"Even if motherhood is one of my most prized teenage dreams."


I was really tired today (didn’t sleep well at all) but I finally wore my Kat Von D lipgloss and finally feel comfortable rocking it.

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