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darknightlegend asks…

If DC decided to reboot Batman-Talia story arc, which writer should have the priority?

Hm! Difficult question. If we go with writers that are on the scene right now, I would be most optimistic about Peter J. Tomasi or Gail Simone.

Tomasi because he already knows that fans are unhappy with the direction Morrison took Talia, and actively did some damage control with Batman and Robin #0. That was one of the best modern portrayals of Talia in my opinion - she was still unrelenting, but we saw a ton of sentimentality in her - both in how she spoke to Damian and in the act of keeping a cape and cowl in what much be her hope chest. Not to mention that the recent Batman and Robin #18 was not only one of the best comics to come out of the New 52, but one of the most moving and emotionally resonant. And that’s hard when you’re telling a story without words. Tomasi made me like Damian a lot more, which, in turn, made his death more meaningful for me, personally. He built the relationship between Bruce and Damian and it was something very special and very beautiful. I would trust him with handling Talia.

As for Gail Simone…who wouldn’t trust Gail Simone handling a strong female character? Though Talia only played a minor part where Gail has written her (Villains United), her moments were pretty perfect. Especially when beating Dr. Light with a coffee pot. I think every woman in the DCU wanted to do that at some point or another, but Talia got to and it was great. Gail has a real skill for bringing underdeveloped or overlooked characters into their own - I think Secret Six, for example, was a masterpiece. She’s a master at dialogue, and revealing character through dialogue.

I would love to see her write Talia again.

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