Wrath and Cutting Beauty
a TALIA AL GHUL roleplay
independent, pre-New 52
Anti-Morrison, comicverse


You know what would be awesome

(she says after reading Batman and [Red] Robin)

If instead of Bruce trying all these ways to bring Damian back (and avoiding the Lazarus Pit out of principle, I guess, or maybe the writers think that’s too obvious), have Talia redeem herself and bring Damian back instead.

That way Talia can have SOME redemption from Morrison’s horribleness. I know Bruce is angry, but man it hurt to read the bit where he kept saying that “his own mother” killed Damian. When, in fact, we know that Talia never did order it. But that’s how Batman sees it, and how most readers see it.

Come on’ Tomasi. Once Morrison is out of the way…

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